My weight loss thus far


So far it has been two weeks since i worked out, or did any stretching – well, that is not completely honest, I did walk once or twice last week – I lost three lbs. and have been eating ok except for the occasional chocolates here and there. I haven’t been feeling well, I have been extremely tired lately, and I think it is because of the cold weather and lack of sun in our area. I am trying to get on a good sleep schedule because I will be babysitting for a friend starting next week, but getting up early has been difficult and when 7am hits i find myself dragging out of bed. Other than these obstacles, as I said above, I lost three lbs. and expect to lose another two or so this week when I weigh tomorrow. I am hoping to go to the local Planet Fitness tomorrow and talk to them about joining since they have a boxing class, and I think that will really help me – even if it is only once a week until the baby is old enough to take on walks. I look forward to getting down to my ideal weight and hope that I can be at least 150 by the time my birthday gets here in May. Thank you for joining me on this journey.



Why losing weight is more than just a number

Why do I care so much about losing weight and staying fit? Why does being fit even matter? Well, today I want to share why I need to lose weight and what my journey means to me. belly-body-calories-diet-42069.jpeg


So I have always been one of those who was naturally skinny and could eat a ton of food and not gain a single pound…and to be honest i loved it, maybe a little too much. It wasn’t until I turned 24 when I started seeing that i was putting weight on, and even though it wasn’t a lot of weight, it bothered me. I grew up around girls who would tend to flaunt their skinniness and unfortunately even though i hated those types of girls, that is exactly what i had become just to get attention. I would fluctuate between 140 and 150, which was ok for my height, but i didn’t realize the reason i had so much back pain was because I was used to being 120 dripping wet…and I was getting less active the older i got. The real change came the year both my grams and my best friend passed away. Suddenly not only did i blame God for taking them, but i blamed myself for not spending more time with them. I had a lot of guilt and depression because they were part of the few that never acted like they had unrealistic expectations for me, and always made me feel accepted and loved. This caused me to take a huge step backwards from church and God, and I started living for myself. I began doing things I never said I would do, and spending time with those whom I always said I would never hang out with. Because of this I neglected taking proper care of myself and got lazy, which in turn caused me to start gaining more weight. To make a long story short, I began realizing that sometimes life sucks and it wasn’t God’s fault that both my friend and my grams died, it was because we live in a world that is full of death and ugliness. I met my husband during that horrible year, and we were friends for another two before we got married. Besides my faith – which i came full circle on -, he is the best thing that has ever happened to me. In saying that, the March after celebrating our one year anniversary I started having problems with my back, knees, and my monthly cycle, plus i was putting on the lbs at an alarming rate. I am talking about in the matter of 2 months I gained 30 lbs and I wasn’t eating enough to be doing that, with what i was eating i should have been losing. I found out on Superbowl Sunday of 2017 that I had a miscarriage and I was two weeks along. Even though i wasn’t far along it was the most horrifying thing I have ever experienced and would never wish it on anyone! Immediately they put me on hormone pills – thankfully I didn’t have to do a DNC or have surgery -, and for the first time in my life I was sleeping through the night, not to mention I didn’t have back pains – something i experienced since i was seven. However, in June when I got off the pills I began swelling up and developed a pinched nerve on my right side, along with having shortness of breath and not being able to stand for very long without feeling like i was going to collapse. For the rest of last year I was only able to get down to 191 and then I would jump right back up to 193. For some reason i was unable to lose the weight and swelling. Needless to say, last year was hell for me!



That brings us up to date…thanks for sticking with me this long! LOL So at the beginning of the year, my hubs Chris and I always do a fast – where we adjust our diet and seek the Lord about our finances and such for the year -, and this year after two weeks had pass I started realizing i was losing weight – which is not what the fast is for, but there have been stories of those who have gotten healthy from not eating sugars, carbs, or dairy -, and so I decided to check to make sure i wasn’t seeing things. When I got on the scale i realized i finally got beneath 190, and not just that, I had lost 10 LBS!!!! I was so excited I almost tripped going to tell Chris what happened. That is when I decided that this plan was something i was determined to stick to and suddenly started having hope that i could actually lose the weight and live a healthy lifestyle.


So what is the takeaway in all this? I don’t know if you need to lose weight and how much you need to lose, but this was my story and I felt it would bring encouragement to those who feel they would never be able to get healthy. I am living proof that if you get determined and choose to put your priorities in the right place it can work. For me, the biggest thing has been my faith, I truly believe for me that it is the only thing that has helped me to begin this journey to healthy living. If you are having a hard time getting healthy and attaining that goal weight, can I give you some encouragement? This whole time I wasn’t thinking about the number on the scale. All i did was adjust what i was eating, cut out the sugars, carbs, dairy, and meat, and because of this is caused my body to go back to “factory setting” as I like to call it. Because I wasn’t focused on food, but on the things I will accomplish this year and my faith, I was able to make good choices. I chose to look past the scale and focus on becoming the person I was destined to be. As I did this, losing the weight became more than a number, it became a lifestyle!

I hope this encouraged you, and if you would like more information as to how I lost the weight head on over to my contact section and send me a message. Also, if you would like to join me on this journey you can go to my social media and make sure to like and follow me as I strive to become the person i was destined to be. Remember to be kind to others, and have an awesome day ladies!!


Who Am I?

Hello ladies, Angie here and I wanted to share with you a little bit about who I am and my goals for Modern Day Esther. I have begun a series of writing prompts to help me with writing more and getting more foot traffic to our social platforms. Today is day one, and it is all about why I write.

Autumn time

In today’s prompt I was encouraged to write down three concrete goals I have for my blog, here are my three:

  1. Bring Unity among women, and reflect what a true feminist is: If you were to look back at the true feminist such as Rosa Parks, those that started the women’s voting movement, and the multitude of women who fight against sex trafficking, these were true feminist. They didn’t have a mentality of “We are better than men” or that women have been oppressed for so long it is our turn to treat men like that. They wanted women to be treated with respect like any human being should, and fought so that women across America would quite being beaten and told they are nothing more than men’s plaything and slave. I believe women have a voice now more than ever before, and we need to use it for good!
  2. Provide a place for growth and mentorship: I want this place and our other social media platforms to be a place where we come to an understanding of who Jesus is and how much he loves us. Along with this I want this to be a place where if a woman is hurting she can comment and one or more of us can take her under our wing. The way I envision this is by sharing devotions that God has laid on my heart, possibly doing an online Bible Study, sharing tips and tricks to help us stay healthy and live the best life we can, and to share places in and around us that we can help others.
  3. Take Action: Finally, as I just stated, I want this to be a place for ladies to come and get resources to help those in need. My hope is that women would rise up and start helping those in need and become an example to our younger generation. I mean I just heard the other day about kids are eating Tide dishwashing pods…what in the world???!! I think we as women need to start setting an example and being good role models for the those younger than us.


This is my list, what are some goals you could make for this year? Comment below, and I will pick someone that will receive a mystery gift in the mail the beginning of next month.



Hello World

Hello everyone, and welcome to MDE’s blog! What started out as a simple facebook page to share bible verses/study quotes, has now become something where I share deep discussions and full on studies that will help empower ladies like yourself so you can learn more about my Jesus and who he really is, along with how you can fight the injustice that is going on in our world today. If you are wondering who Esther is, she was a common woman in the Bible who had faith and determination to see her fellow Israelites free from injustice that they faced on a regular basis. You can read about her in the book of Esther found in the Bible. I believe as women we are told how we should act, what we should wear, and what kind of people we are to become. My hope and prayer for this site is to help you realize your true potential and become the woman that the creator of the universe has destined you to be. If you are not a follower of Jesus but want to learn how you can fight injustice in this broken world, then join us anyways. Because at the end of the day, who doesn’t want to be a better version of themselves and fight for what is right? Look forward to this journey with you.

Until next time,